The TSN-66 PROMINAR is the newest member of Kowa’s PROMINAR family of spotting scopes, boasting exceptional pure fluorite crystal optics that have earned Kowa global acclaim. The TSN-66 PROMINAR’s cutting-edge technology enables it to deliver exceptional optical performance, granting birdwatchers and outdoor enthusiasts access to a level of detail and clarity typically found only in larger, heavier spotting scopes. With a compact and lightweight body and 66mm objective lens, the TSN-66 PROMINAR is the ideal tool for those who want to travel light, without compromising on image quality when they arrive at their favourite location. The TSN-66 PROMINAR allows you to experience nature in perfect clarity, even in the most remote and challenging habitats. Travel further, explore deeper and experience the natural world in a way that was previously impossible with a compact spotting scope.

Read more about the stunning new TSN-66 PROMINAR on our website.

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